Safety shoes How long?

Posted on 2013-03-20
A pair of safety shoes can wear long, this problem can not accurately say how long you can wear a pair of safety shoes! How long are not allowed, and the quality is good or bad, the general factory is one-for-six months, but state-required safety shoes, three months of an inspection cycle, but the real implementation is probably not really say, basically use the year is more.


Because many factors affect the service life of safety shoes, national standards, qualified products meet the national standards of safety shoes, national enforcement of three packs of policy, off the bottom, cross section, within the aftermarket three months of open plastic replacement or return. Practical the period of use of safety shoes mainly depends on the work environment, safety shoes users to use state environmental strength low wear can be from one to three years. harsh environments such as chemical plants, electroplating workshop, because of the extremely corrosive three months almost.


Basic safety shoes replacement does not have any hard and fast rules. Main considerations: safety performance, comfort, quality according to different purposes, the factories in the procurement of safety shoes on the actual situation choose, but the material is almost leather appearance waxing looks beautiful, but within a few months, safety shoes basic unlike like, in general, has a national testing, a certificate of competency, safe and reliable.
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