What safety shoes?

Posted on 2013-02-20
In our country there are a lot of companies are using safety shoes, but there are a lot of new purchases do not understand safety shoes, safety shoes have what features, how to select safety shoes, is to use what positions andenvironment, this issue has become some procurement challenges us today to find out what are the functions of safety shoes.


With the continuous progress of China's shoe-making technology, and global shoes increasingly updates with the material safety footwear varieties gradual diversification of gentrification. Design and technical requirements of the domestic safety shoes began gradual integration with foreign countries, the introduction of a computerized management division electrical insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali, anti-piercing, toe protection, six categories of general protective footwear with good oil anti-smashing, anti-static, anti-puncture, acid and alkali resistance and insulation resistance.


The protection of these safety shoes suitable for electroplating workshop, metal stamping, plastic plants, chemical plants, steel manufacturing, shipyards, electronics factory, packaging products factory, printing companies, power engineering, machinery manufacturing, restaurants, canteens, etc. Most of the work environment. The specific buy safety shoes suitable for use according to the actual situation.
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