China's footwear Where to Go

Posted on 2012-10-12
Nike, Adidas also leaving. Global footwear giant gradual closure of factories in China, reflects the plight of China's footwear industry: on the one hand is the raw material, the rapid rise in labor costs has the bonus advantage is no longer the "Made in China"; the other hand, the global economic crisis caused downturn in external demand, the sharp decline in export orders, international trade disputes constantly. China's footwear industry has reached a critical crossroads.


From the first half of this year, the shoe-making industry data, the development of the eastern region is smooth, but rather eye-catching performance of the central and western regions, to become an emerging new force. January to April, China's large-scale leather, fur and related products and footwear industry output value proportion is still Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang, the three provinces together accounted for 51.29%; However, the output value of Hunan, Jiangxi, Henan, Hebei and other places The growth rate is higher than the industry average, the central and western regions grew by 34.4%, 20.2 percentage points faster than in the eastern region. Profit, the first quarter growth in the central and western regions, 48 percent faster than the eastern region.


In China footwear industry restructuring and relocation is a general trend, part of the innovation capability and strong normative enterprise, will move toward the industrial upgrading and transformation of the way; part depend on production costs to win business, will be transferred to the the Mainland production costs more the advantage of local. As a hub of the global footwear industry in the foreseeable future, China will not change, but the road ahead will be further and further twists and turns.
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