Chinese shoe industry upgrading

Posted on 2012-04-01
Raw material prices, a weak market, raising the cost of labor, environmental policy pressure enhancement, footwear exports ... ... On 2012, Chinese shoe industry crisis, facing difficulties, Chinese shoe enterprises decide on what path to follow? Recently, " shoes cheap on the survival times has ceased to exist, science and technology is the inevitable trend of development of the footwear industry. " The author investigates discovery, shoe enterprises have realized the importance of the transformation and upgrading of technology, shoe, but the real technology shoe implement shoe companies are not many, some shoe enterprises do not know how technology shoe, the way some shoe still technology shoe " feeling stone to cross a river ". In fact, science and technology of shoe is not just an ideal, is also the development direction of the industry. Fortunately, Chinese shoe enterprises have taken steps forward, from technology shoe-making distance is also getting more and more near.


In order to meet the market demand vary from minute to minute, shorten the leather design, manufacturing cycle, the product development to many varieties, small batch direction. Chinese shoe industry has been in innovation, has realized the computer-aided leather products ( CAD, Computer Aided Design System ) and computer aided manufacturing ( CAM, Computer Aided Manufacturing System ) application integration technology, promote industrial upgrading, shorten product development cycle from design to market. Practice has proved, through the introduction of advanced automation equipment and related software, not only can make the shoe-making process standardization, but also the liberation of productivity, reduce labor intensity, save material, reduce cost.
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